How banks should adapt for digital growth

Discover the steps your financial institution needs to take to become digital first in our webinar with American Banker and LendingClub.

One clear trend that has accelerated due to COVID-19 is eschewing physical banking in favor of digital experiences. A bank is no longer a place you go. It’s a thing you do, increasingly from your mobile phone, and consumers are now more than ever weighing the importance of that experience versus proximity to a bank branch.  

And while it’s impossible to predict what’s to come, it’s safe to assume a digital strategy is critical to any financial institution’s future success. Tommy Nicholas, Co-Founder and CEO of Alloy, and Scott Sanborn, CEO of LendingClub, discuss how to authentically implement the fundamentals of digital banking into the fabric of an institution and foster innovation in a heavily regulated industry.

In this webinar, Tommy and Scott:

  • Discuss the key components necessary to incorporate a digital banking into an institution beyond a front-end experience
  • Analyze the ways a digital first strategy allows you to execute on new avenues to expand your business
  • Show how technology can help FIs gain a holistic sense of their customers through data to mitigate fraud risks and increase access to financial products and services

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